Eye on the horizon: Internal audit’s role in identifying emerging risks

How Do You Identify Emerging Risks?

As the world becomes more volatile, organizations face dangers that are new, evolving and in many cases, entirely unexpected. These are otherwise known as emerging risks and recent history has powerfully demonstrated the potential impact these risks can have on an organization.

Increasingly, internal audit is being asked to look into the future, and spot these dangers in the making. There is now a real need for a more diligent approach to emerging risk identification, and a requirement for a clear dialogue between internal audit, the board, senior and risk management.

Available for download is a whitepaper addressing the key challenges associated with dealing with emerging risks 'Eye on the horizon: Internal audit’s role in identifying emerging risks'. In this whitepaper we examine how to:

  • Identify the most critical emerging risks, whilst taking into account the organizational psychological challenges
  • Align business strategy and objectives to the assessment of new and developing risks
  • Assess potential sources of emerging risk and their likelihood, frequency and impact on the organization
  • Define an emerging risk process that improves the overall resilience of the organization to new and unexpected threats

Thomson Reuters Accelus can help with the design of your emerging risk process giving you a deeper insight into your organizations’ operations and environment and lead to changes in policies, practices or other measures that provide protection for the business.

Download the white paper to find out how you can embed an emerging risk awareness into the culture of your organization.

Download the White paper

Enterprise GRC for Internal Audit

With Enterprise GRC, you are able to standardize, automate and manage key aspects of the audit process. The solution contains a vast library of standard templates that provide the framework needed to drive a repeatable and consistent audit process and promote adherence to management approved steps and professional practices.

Enterprise GRC is also fully configurable to deliver benefits as an internal control or risk management solution. It is available in three flexible deployment options to suit your unique business requirements – on premise, on-demand and hosted.


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