Unresolved Matches
Case Manager is being enhanced to include the number of unresolved matches by source (Sanctions, Law Enforcement, Regulatory Enforcement, Other Bodies and PEP). This allows the user to better prioritize the remediation workload whether the unresolved matches originate from on-going screening, batch screening or single name screening.
The Case Manager Export is being extended to include the unresolved matches by source columns.
The columns are clickable to ascending and descending order.

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Enhanced Case Manager - Overview

New Columns - This example is ordered by PEP unresolved matches descending

If you click on the Tooltip, the text below is conveniently shown to clarify total matches.

Users can now filter relevant unresolved matches depending on the business workflow. For example, filter first by Sanctions.

Real-time Updates
Case Manager now caters for real-time updates to cases loaded on a page. If any part of a profile is changed while the user is looking at cases on the page, a refresh bar is shown so that the user filtering the case can take control of whether refresh or not.

Refresh Bar
Note: Please refresh to view the most up-to-date case information

The existing Case Manager export report includes the changes reflected on the interface