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State of internal audit
survey results 2013

Through the Thomson Reuters Accelus suite of products, the Governance, Risk & Compliance business dynamically connects business transactions, strategy and operations to the ever-changing regulatory environment, providing highly regulated firms with informed outcomes.

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Earlier this year Thomson Reuters Accelus surveyed more than 1,100 internal audit professionals from around the world, canvassing their views on the current state of internal audit and their greatest challenges for the year ahead.

This report confirms the impact of the global financial crisis sparking a re-assessment
of the role of internal audit and the need for a strong, well-resourced audit department, operating in close coordination with other business assurance functions such as risk and compliance. Download this complimentary report for further insight into the world of internal audit, including:

•    What are the top priorities?
•    What are the key strategic challenges?
•    What is the level of interaction with other assurance groups?
•    What is the maturity of the internal audit processes?